Improve your health with small and large pleasures

Improve your health with small and large pleasures

Most of us have the impression that in order to maintain a good health, must constantly dodge activities, foods, situations. Commonly, depriving many joys and pleasures of our lives.
This applies to what hurts us. But there are pleasures big and small that not only have to dodge but it’s good to reinforce at every opportunity. What are these?

Sex: It acts as an anxiolytic, antidepressant, pouring pressure and strengthens the heart. By sex, exercise and burn calories while protecting against cancer of the cervix of women and men the prostate. Given that we use the necessary precautions.

Sleep: It relaxes and ‘detoxify’ if you want your nervous system. It gives us energy and helps in enhancing memory. People who do not sleep well or enough risk of depression and disorders of body weight.

Music: Fights stress and calms us even if we experience physical pain as possible. Music can also help to treat high blood pressure. Helps concentration and creativity, as well as in memory.

Coffee: When drunk plain, without milk and sugar is a powerful antioxidant and increases our metabolism especially before the gym. It stimulates the immune system and improves memory and concentration. Not have the same effect all kinds of coffee. The Greek, the American / French and espresso coffees are having better action.
The chocolate acts as an antidepressant and is lightweight anxiolytic. Is rich in magnesium which means extra energy and elevates serotonin, giving us joy. Prefer dark chocolate.
Wine: Always measure and measure says one glass a day, go two. Red wine more than white improves bacterial composition of the gut, lowers blood pressure and reduces the levels of a protein associated with inflammation.

The Game: Play with your friends and with your kids or your partner. Play board games and thought and say no in team games outdoors. Increases critical thinking, memory, practice your powers of observation, you eliminate the stress and gain team spirit.

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