5 incredible things certainly you didn’t know about sex!

5 incredible things certainly you didn’t know about sex!

1. The oral sex was illegal in Canada to 1969: If you’re wondering, especially boys out there, how would life without oral sex, you should have lived in Canada in the period before 1969! Will you tell us now how it works across government to ban something so beautiful and inspiring. Yet this! The reasons that led to this decision is unclear and hopefully eventually changed in 1969 because they were not very badly Canadians watched!

2. Headache; Not anymore: What is the most classic excuse women who say men do to avoid sex; Yeah well understood, the notorious and enduring headache excuse! However, all that is now reversed, and the ladies are left everywhere alone! So, according to surveys, the headache may in no case be operated prohibitive for sexual activity, and a very simple, with sex secreted endorphins which act as pain killers for any pain! So when your head hurts, then let sex and pills!

3. The monkeys do not differ so: It is known that the theory of evolution of Darwin so I will not go into the process to analyze and because we are not experts on this topic! What we have just mentioned, is that apart from the movements and general behavior, in which there are many common elements between the human species and that of … monkeys, researchers found that experts have common elements and sex! Specifically, during one experiment, monkeys gave coins to see how they are used and those used in exchange for a little … sex! Did you say something?

4. The sex causes … grief: Yet it may not be true for everyone, but there is quite a large proportion of men who suffer from this condition. So can the more the sex to bring happiness and well being, but there are some men who after sex is literally inconsolable! So much so, that weep with black tear! We do not know exactly why the oddity of this disease, but the tears are great lube, so not going to cry so lost!

5. IQ and sex opposed worlds: All people need sex and of course everyone is either more or less. Why, is not clear yet, but there is a survey that tried to explain. So, according to this survey, the higher the IQ of a man, the lower the sexual activity. The truth is that someone could say that what does not reach the fox makes hangers but there may be a more logical explanation for all this has to do with the standars of everyone and what everyone asks. We imagine you understand what we mean and evil because we do not want to become!

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